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Clean Beauty Editorial

7-Step Skincare Routine for Cold Weather

Winter is around the corner. In addition to cold weather, excessive indoor heating can make your skin irritated, dry, and flaky. Dry skin naturally produces less sebum, your skin’s natural lubricant, so it often feels parched. Here are skincare steps on how to protect your vulnerable skin to survive the harsh cold weather.

1. Wash with a Cream or Oil-based Cleanser

With the changing seasons, you should change your skincare routine as well. The first step toward change is to replace a foam or gel with an oil-to-cream cleanser. Gentle and refreshing cleansing oils, like Manyo Factory’s Pure Cleansing Oil and Audrey & Young Cleansing balm and oil, will help you maintain a strong skin barrier. Manyo’s Pure Cleansing oil is formulated with naturally-driven plant oils that help remove any makeup particles and impurities for smooth and clear skin. Shop All Cleanser

2. Buff skin with a gentle exfoliant

Your cold weather skincare routine should go along with gentle exfoliation. Due to cold weather that makes the skin barrier function weak and slow, your skin is more likely to develop more dead skin cells. No matter how many serums and creams you put on, dry skin will stay dry without some light exfoliation. For those concerned about dry and cracked skin, ISOI’s Sugar Scrub or Manyo’s Herb Peel will provide highly moisturizing benefits and a smooth appearance.

3. Add extra layers of moisture like serums, butters, and oils

Apply a nourishing serum before using a moisturizer. Using serums or oils before your cream is a great way to lock in your skin extra moisture and key ingredients that your skin needs in the cold weather. If you are struggling with dry skin, you can replace your serum with a facial oil. Plus, serums and oils, packed with vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and other nourishing ingredients, will enhance your winter skin care routine. We recommend ISOI's Waterfull Ampoule, Manyo's Rosehip Oil, Audrey&Young's I like oil/serum for improving the health of your skin.

4. Switch to a heavy face cream

When temperature is low, your skin needs a thick moisturizer that combines four elements in one single product: hydration, moisturization, protection, and nourishment. In the long run, skin needs reformation – which will be accelerated by ISOI's Waterfull Cream and Intensive Cream, etc

5. Use a mist

No matter how much you moisturize your skin, you might still need extra moisture during the cold weather season. To winter-proof your skin, you should carry one of winter essentials – facial spray. We recommend ISOI's Rose Refresh Essential Water and Knours' Be Kind Double Duty Mist space SHOP ALL MIST

6. Use creamy masks, or sheet masks

Clay removes moisture and oil from the skin and is especially helpful in the humid weather. However, during the cold season, resort to using creamy or sheet masks containing ingredients that easily penetrate your skin. space SHOP ALL SHEET MASK

7. Take care of your hands and lip

Hands and lips are even more affected during colder months. Washing hands frequently can cause dryness, so make sure you take extra care of your hands. Regular exfoliation and skin hydration are key. We recommend ISOI's Sugar Scrub and Moisture Lip Balm

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