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Green Rewards

How it works

When you create account with us, you are automatically enrolled in our green reward program. Earn points when you shop. To redeem points, you need to access the reward button on the lower-left hand corner of any page. You can choose the points you would like to apply, then click redeem points for your purchases.

Ways to Earn

Here's how your points add up

Ways to Redeem

You can save more by accumulating more points. For example, while 100 points will be converted to $5, 1,000 points will be translated to $80 ($50+$30 cash rewards). Reward points are redeemable anytime after your purchase and can be redeemed only once per transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a subscriber – am I still part of the rewards program?
You will be part of our reward program after you create an account with us.


What if I already have a greenalley account?
You have automatically been enrolled in the green rewards program. We structured the program to be effective to February 22, 2022. Any purchases made since that date will be automatically reflected in your rewards account!

How do I earn reward points?

  • $1 spent =1 point: You get 1 point for every U.S. dollar you spend.
  • Product Review: Leave a product review through the post-purchase email review invitation and receive 30 points! Only Verified review is eligible for the points
  • Social following: Through the rewards panel, follow us on Instagram and get 50 points
  • Sign Up: When you sign up with rewards panel, you will get 200 points.
  • Happy Birthday: You can receive 200 points on your birthday! Make sure to enter your date of birth when you create an account with us. 


How do I redeem reward points?
Click the rewards button on the lower left-hand corner of any page to be taken to the rewards panel. In the rewards panel, you can view and choose one available reward that will be automatically applied at checkout. When you have more than 1000 points, you can redeem up to 2000 points per purchase.

I have accumulated points that can be divided into two reward coupons. Can I use both at the checkout?
You are allowed to use only one coupon for each transaction. You can save the remaining points for future purchases! Additionally, promotional codes can not be combined with green rewards. 
What happens if my order is returned or canceled?
Any points associated with that order will be deducted from your rewards account balance.
How do I get help with my rewards account?
Contact us at


*We have the right to cancel, modify, or restrict any detail of the program, such as the point conversion ratio and the point expiration policy at any time, without limitation. However, should we discontinue our rewards program for unexpected or other reasons, we will inform you at least six months prior to the termination date.

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