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Our Mission

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At greenalley, our mission is to be a trustworthy brand that provides good skincare products. Good skincare means ingredients are derived from natural sources and are proven to be safe and effective. Good skincare also means that these ingredients are of the highest-quality and that all products are cruelty-free. We are dedicated and committed to delivering the best natural skincare products because we desire to enrich the lives of our consumers through holistic and natural wellness.

Using the shared expertise and the global healthcare network from W Medical Strategy Group, our parent company, we have recognized the value in sustainability that led us to further expand our mission to create positive changes in our society and environment.

There are three major areas we are dedicated to make an impact: Water Conservation, Bee Preservation and Cancer Research. Our team at greenalley is working to contribute by sharing our profits with organizations that hold the same values with us. Moreover, we will continue to develop campaigns to raise awareness and expand our impacts together with our customers.

We strongly believe our ongoing commitment and dedication will make a meaningful difference in the world.



The law of the United States does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have the FDA’s approval before they go to the market. There are no obligated standards for natural skincare products and several high-end commercial brands use ingredients that can be harmful to the environment or to human health. Emulsifiers, fillers, mineral oils, parabens, petroleum, sodium laurel sulfate, and synthetic materials are only a few of the many ingredients we ban in our products.


ECO Friendly Packaging

Every move we make is a stride toward building a greener world. Instead of resorting to traditional packaging that contributes millions of carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere, we go green with our packaging. To reduce carbon footprints, we have minimized unnecessary packaging and replaced plastic with GreenWrap and Kraft sealing tape. GreenWrap, an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, offers similar cushioning and padded protection but is naturally biodegradable, compostable, and fully recyclable. Kraft sealing tape is recyclable, biodegradable, repulpable, nontoxic, environmental tasteless, acid-free, and non-corrosive contact adhesive.

Why Whole Foods Market?

Since 2015, greenalley has been a proud vendor at Whole Foods Market. Our skincare products are available at Whole Foods Markets in the Tristate areas and Midwest regions. We chose to partner with Whole Foods Market because we share the same mission and core values. Like Whole Foods, we also believe in providing customers with natural products of the highest-quality. Currently, we are rapidly expanding to meet more customers through more Whole Foods Market locations. Please stay tuned for further updates!


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